An Open Space To Think, Learn, And Be. Humans are not “in deficit”. CC Image by Marlith.

This piece on deficit mentalities in education systems was inspired by a staff meeting run by Dr. Andrew Campbell.

“Matthew is too shy.” “Matthew needs to work faster.” Introversion was my main school “deficit”, and teachers treated it like an intrinsic property of “me”, something about me to be fixed…

CC image by Dom Dada. Zurich, Later Than 1905
  1. Future Matthew Helps Present Matthew To Understand The Nature of Consensus Reality, An Unfinished Meditation On The Nature of “Self”

It is an implied, if not outright true “fact” of quantum mechanics, that retrocausality may exist and in that case future Matthew is helping present Matthew out with everything from…

This piece I wrote about depression gets highlighted every once in a while:

This was highlighted yesterday:

This hypothesis, along with regular pruning of memories as we grow older, does seem plausible still. Mental states are unknowable to others. Current mental states are knowable, as we are experiencing them, though…

Matthew Oldridge

Writing about creativity, books, productivity, education, particularly mathematics, music, and whatever else “catches my mind”. ~Thinking about things~

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