No Librarian Of the Mind Curates My Thoughts

Matthew Oldridge
2 min readNov 1, 2023

Cognitive storm of synapses-

Thunder and lightning life of the mind-

Sudden illumination/sudden darkness.

Cogito ergo sum cogito ergo ergo: the sum of all my parts the sum of all my thoughts.

(No discourse, no method, no teacher)

Sum to nothing; sum to everything. An infinitude in a bone cage.

& even so & even so, there are many Matthews, many minds.

Cogito ergo ergo, ergo-

Ergo “I”, am. Ergo, I. I am the sum of all my thoughts. I am the sum of cells & the weight of emotions, the dread feelings, the dread-

No librarian of the mind curates collections of thoughts. If so, I would ask him to gather & prepare them in a bound book, which is really a boundless book, unbounded as I am, and yet-

Infinitude in a bone cage. My thoughts end as my skull begins. If not, it could be crushed, like a grape, or like a pumpkin that has fallen off a truck into traffic, orange vomit & seeds under tire tracks.

A librarian of the mind would then know which shelf to put this book on. November 23, 1976 is filed beside (insert end date). There are no books in-between. But (insert end date) is also filed before November 23, 1976.

Ergo. Cogito, cogitum. The librarian of the mind defers to Latin (pretentious habit, he is told). Ancient languages disguise ancient meanings. Or willfully obscure them.

(insert end date)

The bone cage empties-tangled axons & neurons spill out on RR24 & tendril smoke to the ditch.

The librarian of the mind watches, records.

(insert date of my beginning)

I (Matthew) take down the book marked November 23, 1976 from the shelf and begin to read…



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