Opportunity is Nowhere/Opportunity is Now Here

Matthew Oldridge
2 min readMay 1, 2019
Which do you see?

When I was a boy, I had my mother’s childhood desk. In one corner of the desk, written in pencil, it said:

Opportunity is nowhere.

Opportunity is now here.

I don’t believe she remembered writing it, but somebody did. So my question for you is: which do you see?

Do you believe your circumstances are out of your control, and no good things will come to you, no matter what you do?

Or do you believe that, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, we create our own opportunities.

One is that eternal pessimistic and deficit mindset. The other is its counterpart: the innate and eternal human optimism that carries us through difficult times, difficult circumstances, with our hope and dreams intact.

The hard part is working through “nowhere” days, which seem to be many. There is always friction and turbulence in our lives. The “nowhere” mindset can take over.

The “now here” mindset leads to creative breakthroughs, deep work, and satisfaction. It is a mindset of abundance. It is a way of being that is so elusive.

If you are like me, you oscillate between “nowhere” and “now here” days depending on your sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, and how busy you are. On “now here” days, chances are you are well-rested, fulfilled, and overflowing with what we might call “creative juice”, or good energy.

“Nowhere” days are for getting through. “Now here” days come from maintaining a belief that good things will come, if you are open to opportunity, and the world.

Which do you see today?

@MatthewOldridge is having a “now here” day (probably).

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