Time Cells/Tempus Fugit, My Friends

Matthew Oldridge
2 min readOct 27, 2022

…encode time as a flow across neurons, through, shattered shards of memory which are the atoms of myself.*

*where “myself” is a three dimensional entity moving across time, with or without a body.

…pieced together into some… successive moments…cascading thoughts…

A Life.

(modulated within, each time window moving in the smallest moments, discrete chunks down to the smallest unit)

There are no gaps between (things seen and heard) and (memories):

(only when visual stimulus activates temporal signals, when and only when)

There is no reason not to say the mind is multi-dimensional, persisting as an object moving in four dimensions. Check back tomorrow, you will find me in a different place in space & time, traveller in spacetime though I am.

(It, the me/myself, is safely encased in my head but it moves around & you can track it, or I can track it, through the mysteries of memory. Time traveller, rippler of fabrics. In my bed, mind untethered, and myself, looking down on “myself”.

But you know this bone cage will one day release the matter of mind, if indeed mind is in matter & atoms once belonging to (It/Me) will become part of something new & there will be new minds…

(Episodic time travel:

  • born
  • lived
  • ?
  • lived
  • born
  • ?, etc. )

Relive the past & change the temporal order. Avoid your grandfather when he is crossing the street & you are driving your car. The flow of time, only in your own “mind”, where “mind” is “me”, but might as well be “you”. Inside/outside. Inside meets outside.

Tempus fugit, or does “it”?

Matthew Oldridge

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