Time Loops: My Future Self Told My Past Self That Our Lost Cat Was Coming Home

Matthew Oldridge
3 min readApr 8, 2022
Orange Cat (Jake) Beside Cognition Textbook

Of the many mysteries of consciousness, time loops are surely one. Deja vu? Messages from my future self, to my past self, both of which constantly coexist, as past/present/future are constantly, well, present?

Or coincidence, with the mind as the most powerful pattern maker. Coincidences mistaken for kismet or karma. Coincidences from the realm of pure probability (where strange things, unlikely things, impossible things, happen all the time).

Let this set of facts stand, and make up your own mind.

  • Jake goes missing on the night of March 30th.
  • Jake is gone for 2 nights.
  • I walked for an hour looking for him, no sign. I saw 5 rabbits and one opossum.
  • I felt nothing until the end of the walk, at which point I received the message loud and clear: “I would get information about Jake tomorrow.”

I chose to interpret this as meaning I would “know one way or another”, whether he was still among the living.

The next morning was not an optimistic one. I forgot about the information I received (from God, the universe, or my future self).

I posted on the Paw Boost page. 2 hours later, “Duncan” informed me that Jake was found safely, and taken into his home. They even had put a poster on the intersection, which I walked past the night before without noticing.

Now consider a few possibilities:

  • my future self transmitted this information to my past self. In this conception of Time Loops, the fact that time is not necessarily fundamental to the universe, means that retrocausality is possible. Information can simply flow in a way we perceive as “backwards”. Eric Wargo wrote a whole book about this, Time Loops.
  • I experienced a moment of optimism, and have trained my brain to “receive” good feelings, of hope and optimism. The feelings tend to travel from the top of my head down my back. I associate them with an awakening of religious consciousness (circa 2001), and they happen fairly often. I call this feeling “in tune” with the universe, with everything.
  • It was all simply a coincidence. Jake was always…
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